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Thank You

I am deleting this tumblr. I just don’t have that much time for it, you see I mostly reblog, and lately I’m not even that excited to see tvd. I don’t know… it chaned so much. It’s always just ughhhhhh after every episode. I could never stop watching it but I just can’t have this tumblr anymore. I have two others and that’s enough. You can find me on annley and elleanddakota. thank you for all likes, reblogs and mostly, follows.

thank you x

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Ian Somerhalder @ Built of Barnwood’s one-year anniversary celebration (March 24, 2013)

The Vampire Diaries 4x19 “”Pictures of You” Stills

Elena Gilbert in 4.19 “Prom Episode”.

Favorite hairstyles ➜ Caroline Forbes

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